Water Consumption Update


Green, a spokesperson for Troop F, said MSHP is unsure if there will be an increase in traffic this weekend, but are preparing as people return home from the holiday. "Sunday will be a heavily saturated area, meaning we will have troopers stationed along various points, along I-70 and along the major highways within the Troop F area, we expect it to be a heavy traveled holiday," he said. Green said they did not see an increase in calls for service this year leading up to and on Thanksgiving. "In terms of Wednesday it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it was a pretty steady stream of calls that we would normally expect on a heavy travel day," he said. Travelers on the road today expected this guy this weekend to be packed. Dave and his family started their 16 hour journey on Friday to avoid weekend crowds and said traffic was light. "Mainly we wanted to avoid the weekend travel, I figured Friday would be a lot lighter and it has been," he said. Another traveler, Linda Swartz, was coming from Indiana and said she didn't have any trouble getting to her destination. "We have gotten this far and not had even any slow down traffic, so it's a good day to travel," she said.



This surprises many people, perhaps because weekly training classes are often 45 to 60 minutes long. That standard reflects logistics and convenience; nobody could (or would) come to a training center multiple times a day, so we meet in longer group classes. Perhaps the term “micro-sessions” is more appropriate than “short sessions.” You ask your dog to lie down and she does, but by the time you give her a treat, she’s jumping up toward your face. What does she think earned her that treat? Jumping up at you. Similarly, if you call your dog to come and she heads right to you and sits, she may think sitting in front of you is the behavior you’re so pleased about. Sitting is a lovely behavior, but if you’re working on her recall, you want to make sure it’s clear to her that coming when called is the behavior you want. There are two ways to solve these sorts of problems, and both involve timing. Focus on delivering the treat immediately after the behavior you like (lying down, coming to you) and before your dog has time to throw another behavior (jumping up, sitting in front of you).