Ever Looked At Insurance?


But I wasn’t satisfied. I will not go into detail about exactly what I did over the course of my experiments, but I will say that several amphibious animals were involved. Eventually, my experimentation brought me to a point where I had to get a chest X-ray. After this sobering experience, I pretty much accepted that I would not be able to recreate the feeling of drinking a healthy, normal amount of water for the first time ever again. Not only that, but I also realized my obsession with maximizing my water drinking had resulted in me having less time for side projects, such as my education and my social life. In my important site chase for the perfect way to drink water, I had abandoned everything else. I therefore decided to approach my water drinking from a spiritual route instead. I spent several days wandering my city, drinking only half a bottle of water each day and meditating under some waterfalls that I found on my journey. On the 10th day, I finally saw “the light,” so to speak.


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